Celebrate World Earth Hour

3rd March 2023

The 25th of March is this year’s World Earth Hour, when around the globe, individuals, businesses and world famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower in France, the Sphinx in Egypt, the CN Tower in Canada and the Empire State Building in the US, all switch off, embracing darkness for an hour. Earth Hour has been going since 2008 and for most of us, it’s a small opportunity to enjoy a little screen-free time and enjoy the night sky with a  little less light pollution than normal.

If you need a slightly bigger window to enjoy a bit of star gazing, Jersey and the Islands of Guernsey are an absolute find for clear night skies. The little Island of Sark has the distinction of being the world’s first Dark Sky Island. The exceptional blackness of the night sky over Sark makes for some breath-taking displays of stars, and any trip to Guernsey should include an overnight in Sark to bask under the spectacular display of the Milky Way stretching from one horizon to another. It’s a bit special.

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