Walking and Wildlife in Guernsey & Jersey

13th December 2019

The Channel Islands boast some incredible scenery, with an amazing amount of variety in a relatively small area. Both Jersey and Guernsey feature unspoilt areas of countryside, coastal scenery and sea views which will take your breath away, all accessible with a gentle stroll, a longer ramble or a more energetic hike. It’s been widely […]

Early Spring in Jersey & Guernsey

6th December 2019

January is a long month. The dark days made all the darker by the sudden absence of Christmas sparkle with rainy, cold mornings, and the cheerless combination of winter-cold season and healthy-eating regimes makes for no-one’s favourite month. Escape to the milder climate of the Channel Islands where Spring is already evident, where sunny daffodils […]

Literary Gems of the Channel Islands

18th November 2019

The Channel Islands have provided inspiration and often a safe haven for writers over the years. Both Jersey and Guernsey continue to celebrate their engagement with literature, with the Guernsey Literary Festival taking place in April/May and the Jersey Festival of Words in September. For many there’s nothing better than to sit on the terrace […]

Brexit-Free Channel Islands

5th November 2019

As part of the British Isles, but not part of the United Kingdom, the status of Jersey and Guernsey and the Channel Islands is that of a Crown Dependency. The Channel Islands are not signatories to the EU, are self-governing and are Brexit-free for British visitors. Refreshingly, this allows travel between mainland Britain and Jersey […]

Winter Magic in the Channel Islands

5th November 2019

After the bustling summer season in Jersey and Guernsey has come to its end, the al fresco lobster lunches and evening drinks by the pool have long been finished, it’s easy to think of the Channel Islands going into hibernation, and waiting on the beginning of next year’s busy season.  Not so. The later months […]

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