Effortless Island Escapes

1st August 2022

Reassuringly familiar. Charmingly uncomplicated.

At a time when we’re all conditioned to expect disruption, lower our expectations and have a Plan B, travel to the Channel Islands remains refreshingly, well, the same as always. A destination which is largely free from the disruption for those travelling further afield, Jersey and Guernsey are the seasoned traveller’s hidden gems for a Continental jaunt with none of the planning.

The appeal of a dreamy location with miles of white sandy beaches, warm, sunny days with fresh seafood on tap, relaxed café culture and wonderful boutique shopping is more accessible than you think. Just a short hop from most major UK airports, no passport requirement and a Covid testing-free zone, Jersey and Guernsey present the best of Europe without leaving the British Isles. Domestic travel means that the airline require photo ID, and that’s it. No calls to the Passport Office, no time-consuming paperwork and no Covid testing at either side.

You can be in the Channel Islands in less time than your morning commute, if the whim takes you. Call Channel Escapes on 0203 855 5050 and we’ll get you there.

You won’t need another holiday to recover from this one (You’ll just want to come back soon anyway!)

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