Happy New Year for 2023!

10th January 2023

The onset of January is nobody’s favourite time of year. The fading of the Christmas lights revealing the cold and drizzle of the long month ahead is about as much fun as it sounds.

Planning ahead to brighter times is always key, and an escape to Jersey and Guernsey could be your springboard into 2023. About as far south as you can get within the British Isles, Spring arrives a little earlier in the Channel Islands, and the milder climate gives way easily to the appearance of a few daffodils, and the warmth of the Gulf Stream allows for some exhilarating cliff walks and seaside strolls even in the earliest weeks of the year.

The incredible scenery throughout Islands as Spring makes its appearance is at its best in the quieter times, when it’s not unusual to have the entire stretch of beach to yourself, you’ll be seated at the best window table for your warming pub lunch and the peaceful calm of the markets unveils the wealth of goodies that can be missed in busier times.

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